The Droid Maxx might just become the most popular smartphone this year if you depend on battery life and features only available from Motorola phones such as Assist,  Touchless Control and  Droid Zap (kindof gimmicky unless everybody else has a droid around you) and Active Notifications, with the last feature probably being one of the best of the bunch, allowing you to check time and notifications without having to unlock your phone.

Simply put, the Droid Maxx is a great phone this year. Also, it’s kind of  pricey at $299 on contract from Verizon or $27.08 with the Verizon Edge Plan or if you just want to buy the Droid Maxx outright expect to pay full price of $$649.99 from Verizon. The only you can save on the Droid Maxx from Verizon is that if you have an older Motorola phone you may be eligible for a $100 credit when you trade in your older phone for a new phone via the Moto Trade Up program I mentioned earlier

Cheaper Verizon Droid Maxx Options

The good news is that with a bit of effort you can save $100 off a new Droid Maxx on contract when you buy the Droid Maxx from other resellers or Verizon authorized dealers:

Amazon: Amazon lists the Droid Maxx at $249.99 on contract and unless the price drops over time, expect to pay this price. That’s a $50.00 savings off the Verizon regular price of $299.99

Wirefly: Wirefly is another place to buy the Droid Maxx on sale for less than you can get it from Verizon. The on contract for the Droid Maxx is a $50 discount from the Verizon store or online price.

Currently, the cheapest Droid Maxx is from either Amazon or Wirefly – or if you have a Motorola phone to trade in you can get the greatest deal on a Droid Maxx by trading  in your old Motorola Droid phone for  a brand new Droid Max.