Free Back To School Smartphones from Verizon

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Verizon has some pretty good back to school deals for Summer/Fall 2014. As you can see from the photo above, there are five phones on sale for free from Verizon this summer:

Droid Mini

HTC One M7

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4

Nokia Lumina Icon

If I had to suggest what the best free phone is from the list of offerings I would pick the HTC One M7 as the best of the bunch and then the Samsung Galaxy S4 followed via the Droid Mini if you need smaller phone that offers some features the others don’t like active display and notifications which is a great feature to have.

All of these are great phones though and one of the best selections of free back to school phones for 2014 from Verizon.

Best Free Smartphones for Verizon Wireless in August 2014

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I’m a little early with writing this by hours but I thought I would explore what the the best deals are on smartphones for Verizon Wireless for August.

As the summer starts to wane in August, that means that it’s back to school and very, very early thoughts about holiday smartphone deals are upon us, and with a bunch of recently released smartphones in July 1 that means older models or soon to be discontinued models are on sale now and can be had for no money at all2

Just because some of these phones are not the latest and greatest smartphones for Verizon doesn’t mean that they aren’t still very capable smartphones that in some cases are better than the new smartphones that these have replaced these models.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 in Black for Verizon is on sale for just one cent, and even though it’s been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S5, the S4 is still a great phone for the price.

When it comes to differences between the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs the S5 there really are very little differences: The S5 has a faster processor, a slightly bigger screen and overall size and some features not on the four like a fingerprint scanner and health monitor. The touchwiz user interface has also been toned down a bit on the S5 compared to the S4 but most users will see very little difference when it comes down to performance with the S4.

With just 16GB of storage on this model, this might be a concern for some as 32GB of storage is becoming more and more common on smartphones in 2014 but when you consider the fact that the S4 from Samsung offers a removalble micro SD card slot for additional storage this is not really a big consideration as you can install an additional 64GB of storage which will be plenty for most users.

If you find that the upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the S5 is worth it, it will only cost you under $100 for a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon so to some even thoug the S5 is not free the extra hundred dollars spent might be worth it to some to get those additional features the S4 does not have


The LG G2 is now a discontinued model thanks to the release of the the newer LG G3, but if the bigger display and quad HD display of the LG are something you can do without the LG G2 is still a very capable contender.

There’s the big 5.2 inch display that still offers a full HD display and the battery life on the LG G2 vs the LG G3 can even be longer thanks to the fact that there’s less pixels to push around on the LG G2. You still get the unique buttons on the back of the phone that are feature only found on LG models, a 13 megapixel camera and a big 3000Mah battery for all day battery life.

Of course, if you would prefer the bigger and better display of the best phone so far from Verizon in 2014 then the LG G3 might be a better deal for you if you have the extra hundred dollar price difference between the LG G2.

HTC One (M7)

The HTC One is considered by some to be the better option when compared to the newer HTC One M8 that has replace this model. You still get the all in one unibody aluminum design with boomsound speakers, a 4 ultrapixel digital camera and 4.7 inch display. The older HTC model, asides from being free on contract is also a bit smaller in size and some have reported that it is less slipperier too than the newer HTC model.

The HTC One M8 brings a few features that the M7 does not offer like a bigger 5 inch HD display, faster processor and room for a micro SD slot for additional storage – something the M7 lacks.


These are three free, or nearly free phones from Verizon that were considered the flagship and current models until just a few months ago. If you’re on a budget and need a new phone these are the cheapest smartphones you can get today on the Verizon network.

  1. Like the LG G3 
  2. or in some cases a penny, which is really close to free 

Bring Your Own Phone To Tracfone and Save Money

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Verizon users that are looking for a cheaper prepaid plan should have a look at Tracfone prepaid phone plans instead of using Verizon’s services as the Tracfone service can be much cheaper.

Tracfone is one of the few prepaid wireless companies that offer your out of contract verizon phone to be used on their network.

If you’re in a contract you will have to wait until you are out of the contract, or pay the termination fee (which can be as high as $375.00). But, if you’ve got your own Verizon phone and want to switch carriers, Tracphone is worth a look.

Tracfone offers many different prepaid plans but one of the better deals for prepaid plans is $19.99 for three months of service. That works out to about seven dollars a month.

With this cheap prepaid plan from Tracfone you do have to understand that there is a limit of 90 days to use this service, but heck if you don’t use your phone much this would be a great way to save on your smartphone bill. At $19.99 for 3 months, you could pay less than a hundred dollars a year for talk/text/data plans.

This plan isn’t the most robust mobile phone plan on sale today but it’s not too bad. You get 60 minutes, 60 text messages and 60mb of data. Tracfone currently has an offer on right now where if you buy a smartphone from them you can triple that amount. There are other plans too:

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As you can see there are other plans too for you to choose from that offer more services for more money – up to $80.00 for three months (which is still a great deal) but if you’re a light smartphone user you should have a look at their prepaid plan that’s under $20.00.

Tracphone has some pretty good deals on smartphones too with smartphones for their service starting at $69.00. These phones are not the top tier smartphones like an LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 but for a prepaid phone these are pretty good deals. Current Android offerings for tracphone include:

LG Optimus Dynamic – $69.99
Huawai Glory – $99.99
ZTE Valet – $99.99
Samsung Galaxy Centra – $109.99
LG Optimus Dynamic II – $199.99

And if you can bring your own phone to tracphone then that’s an even better deal because you can use the phone you already have and don’t have to pay for a new smartphone for the tracphone network.

What is the Best Boost Mobile Phone To Buy?

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A Boost Mobile phone can be a great deal when you think about it. Sure, when you usually start to think about cellular phone service you automatically think about the Big 4 smartphone carriers:

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint
  • AT&T

But there are other carriers to think about where you might even get a better deal on your smartphone plan and boost offers a few prepaid or pay as you go phone plans to consider:



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